Valle Verde Animal Hospital Staff

Dr. Christina Cooper


Dr. Christina Cooper, a proud native of New Mexico hailing from Las Cruces, holds three bachelor's degrees from NMSU in Animal Science, History, and Foreign Languages. In 2014, she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. Following her education, she returned to her beloved New Mexico to be near her family and embarked on a career dedicated to the care of small animals and exotics in the vibrant city of Albuquerque.

Milka Hielo

Veterinary Technician

Milka Hielo has been a dedicated veterinary technician since 2018, specializing in the care of both small and large animals. With a passion for animals that extends beyond her profession, Milka also finds joy in listening to music and cherishing moments with her friends and family. She is a proud owner of six beloved pets and eagerly anticipates the opportunity to care for and connect with your cherished furry and feathered companions as well!

Alyssa Gonzales

Veterinary Technician

Alyssa Gonzales, a skilled veterinary technician, is a graduate of PIMA Medical Institute with an impressive track record of over two years of experience in the compassionate care of small, large, and exotic animals. As a dedicated animal lover, she proudly shares her life with three beloved dogs named Abby, Apollo, and Cali. Alyssa eagerly anticipates the opportunity to extend her expertise and care to your cherished furry family members in the future!

Brisa Munoz

Veterinary Technician

Brisa Munoz, a dedicated veterinary technician and graduate of PIMA Medical Institute, has a deep passion for working with animals of all kinds. When she's not caring for furry friends, Brisa enjoys embarking on exciting adventures with her six beloved dogs. She's excitedly looking forward to meeting and showering affection on your cherished animal companions too!

Erika Pasqual

Veterinary Technician

Erika Pasqual has nurtured her lifelong passion for working with animals since childhood. With a career spanning 17 years as a veterinary technician and an additional 1.5 years as an animal control officer, she has dedicated herself to the well-being of our furry friends. Beyond her professional life, Erika is a devoted mother to four children and shares her home with a gentle Great Dane and a spirited Chihuahua. Her personal interests include fishing, camping, and exploring new destinations through travel.

Brisa Hielo


Brisa Hielo, with nearly a decade of experience in the medical field, is excited to embark on a new journey of learning and caring for all your scaled and furry companions. In her personal life, she shares her heart with two magnificent Pit Bull Terriers, with whom she relishes spending quality time. Brisa is eagerly looking forward to meeting and welcoming everyone who visits Valle Verde Animal Hospital.

Patricia Chavez


Patricia Chavez is a valuable addition to our receptionist team. With a background encompassing years of dedicated care for animals through fostering and pet sitting, she endeavors to extend that same sense of compassion and comfort to you and your beloved pets, be they furry, feathered, or scaly. Beyond her professional pursuits, Patricia is a devoted parent to a wonderful child and the proud owner of three delightful cats.

Alma Renteria


Alma Renteria has been a friendly face at Valle Verde Animal Hospital for the past 6 months as our dedicated receptionist. In her free time, she relishes spending quality moments with her lively household, consisting of four adored dogs and a cherished cat, as well as connecting with her close-knit family and friends. Alma also shares a passion for travel, often exploring new destinations with her husband and children. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet and extend her warm welcome to all your beloved pets when they come to visit.

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